As part of the NSF-EID project and a Monfort Professorship at Colorado State University, Dr. Crooks has developed an K-12 educational outreach effort to conduct remote camera surveys for wildlife in local Fort Collins natural areas. This project is a collaborative effort between Colorado State University, the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Program, The Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy, The National Parks Service Natural Sounds Lab, and the CSU Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society. To launch this annual outreach project, in Fall 2012 the 6th grade science classes at Boltz Middle School in Fort Collins initiated camera surveys at Pineridge Natural Area in the western foothills of the city, recording hundreds of images and videos of wildlife (and humans) using the area. Along with CSU graduate and undergraduate students, we are expanding this effort to other local K-12 science classes and natural areas in the city. Please visit the Wildlife Society Camera Project for more information.


Select scientific presentations and public seminars associated with remote camera K-12 outreach project (undergraduate students in bold):

Peterson, S., J. Lewis, and K. R. Crooks. 2015. How do we affect wildlife? An analysis of human-wildlife interactions through recreation. Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.

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Remote camera K-12 outreach project