In an ambitious effort to understand disease exposure in pumas, bobcats and domestic cats across the United States, NSF-EID FELIDAE project investigators recently published a study in the journal Ecological ApplicationsThis research examined landscape and host species determinants of six feline pathogens: Bartonella sp., Toxoplasma gondii, feline herpesvirus-1, feline panleukopenea virus, feline calicivirus, and feline immunodeficiency virus. A major emphasis of this research was to evaluate if urbanization influenced pathogen exposure in pumas and bobcats, and to explore evidence of cross-species transmission among wild and domestic cats.

This is the largest study of infection determinants in wild felids, and some relationships between urbanization and pathogen exposure were detected. These relationships have important implications for cross-species transmission. For full details see the publication at Ecological Applications.

Recent study: Pathogen exposure in wild and domestic felids